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Ricola: throat pastilles and herbal tea from Swiss soil

  1. Who is not familiar with the advertising of Ricola throat lozenges. Here a man in the mountains is looking for all thirteen herbs that are processed in the Ricola throat lozenges. Now and then he shouts: "Ricola." When he finally reaches the last herb, it will be eaten by an ibex. Ricola throat pastilles really contain thirteen herbs and these herbs grow in the mountains of Switzerland. Ricola is a Swiss brand. In addition to throat lozenges, there are also different types of herbal tea. There are five show gardens in Switzerland where tourists can take a look for free.


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Family business Ricola

  1. In 1930 Emil Wilhelm Richterich started his pastry shop Richterich Compagnie, Laufen. He focused on the manufacture of products containing herbs. In 1940 he came up with a recipe in which he mixed 13 herbs together. He changed the name of his company to Ricola

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