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Sauna Palestra: from Finnish to Roman

  1. Although the sauna is actually a dry hot room, we associate a sauna visit with lots of water fun. The originally Finnish ritual is mixed with Roman and Turkish bathing traditions in the Netherlands and guarantees a day of enjoyment and relaxation. Sauna Palestra is a good example of such a 'fusion sauna'.

More and more variation

  1. If you go for a healthy bath in a Dutch sauna, such as Palestra near Doetinchem, it usually becomes a lot more complex and extensive. You can spice up a visit to the sauna with many other relaxing activities. Once you have cooled down and recovered from the sauna bath, you can go for a swim in the warm outdoor pool, let off steam in the Turkish steam bath, take a herbal bath with essential oils or enjoy a fizz in the bubble bath. You can also vary the type of sauna, in terms of temperature and smell (such as eucalyptus, mint or pine). But you can also choose a color sauna or the infrared cabin (in an authentic wine barrel!). In the color sauna, the light changes from red to yellow, green and blue, so that you experience heat differently. The infrared radiation does not feel hot, but it will make you sweat over time.


  1. Visiting the sauna is good for you: your skin is thoroughly cleansed and you look clean and radiant. By sweating you get rid of waste products and you strengthen the immune system. In the beauty center, which Palestra, like most other large complexes in our country, operates next to the baths, you can also arrange special treatments. A body wrap, for example, with mud, algae or cocoa. Or a hydrojet massage, a massage bed with water jets, which gives a feeling of weightlessness.

Practical information

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Sauna general

  1. With the opening of a number of mega saunas, such as the Veluwse Bron in Emst, the level of the Dutch sauna has been boosted even further. Other sauna complexes must keep up with this trend and further expand their offer. Smaller saunas sometimes do not 'survive' this and close their doors. On the Sauna Guide website you will find an excellent overview of the offer in the Netherlands.

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