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Should you boil or soak oatmeal first?

  1. In the morning I add oatmeal straight from the package to my smoothie. But now I read that you have to boil or soak oatmeal first, is that correct? This is said to be because of a substance that blocks the absorption of vitamins.

  1. Suzan Tuinier, nutritionist There are oat flakes and there is oatmeal. The difference is in the size of the flake. With oatmeal, the oat grain is cut in half. This creates a smaller flake with a shorter cooking time. Sometimes oatmeal is factory steamed, which gives you pressure cooker oatmeal.

Heavy on the stomach?

  1. In principle, you can eat oat flakes and oatmeal uncooked. Just think of muesli, which contains oat flakes. Your intestines can digest it just fine. Sometimes I hear that cooked oatmeal is less stressful on the stomach. But these are exceptions and this feeling usually disappears after eating a few times.

Phytic acid The 'substance' that is meant is phytic acid. Phytic acid is found in plant foods, such as (whole grain) grains, nuts, vegetables, seeds and legumes. It would have an impeding effect on the absorption of minerals. This is not so bad in practice. Soaking oatmeal, for example, ensures that the phytic acid content is slightly lower, but it does not disappear and minerals are also lost during soaking. So you may wonder how much it benefits you. In fact, the nutritional advice already takes this into account: a varied diet is and remains the best advice. So continue to vary with oatmeal. It's tasty and healthy too

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