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Small red dots on skin: cause of point bleeding

  1. Small, red or purple dots or dots on the skin of 0.5 to 1 mm, can indicate a skin bleeding caused by a very small superficial bruise: a so-called 'petechia', plural 'petechi'. This skin bleeding will lead to red, purple or brown spots, sometimes in clusters, and it often looks like a rash but it isn't. These point bloodlines do not fade under pressure on the skin. Usually these little red dots or spots on the skin are not itchy and flat. The difference with a bruise is that the bleeding in petechi is more superficial in the skin. You can find the small red dots or spots on the arms, legs, chest, face, or other parts of the body. Treatment of spot or blood spots depends on the underlying cause of petechi.

What are point bloods or petechiae?

  1. Petechiae are small purple, red, or brown spots or dots on the skin. They are mainly seen on your arms, legs, stomach and buttocks. You can also find them in your mouth or on your eyelids. These point bleeds can be caused by many different factors and conditions. They can also occur as a response to certain medications. Although petechiae look like a rash

Cause of small red dots on the skin

  1. Petechiae

When should you call a doctor?

  1. Small red dots in child or adult If you or your child has petechiae, see a doctor. Some of the underlying causes of petechiae are serious and must be treated immediately. For example, a child may have meningitis (with headache, fever and a stiff neck)

Treatment of small red dots on the skin

  1. Wait for progress

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