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Spider bite: symptoms, treat and alleviate spider bite

  1. Spiders are an order of arthropods belonging to the arachnids class. There are no fewer than 700 different types of spiders naturally found in the Netherlands and Belgium. They occur in nature, in your garden, but they can also often be found indoors. In the Netherlands and Belgium, the water spider is the only spider that gives a painful bite. Many people fear spiders and have even developed a phobia for them. Most spider bites are not harmful and you can easily treat them yourself. For black widow and brown recluse bites, it is wise to consult a doctor immediately for antibiotics, painkillers and further care. Fortunately, the black widow has only been found a few times in the Netherlands. The brown recluse spider is mainly found in North America, but also occurs in Europe.


  1. A spider is not counted among insects, but among arachnids, which includes not only spiders and harvestmen, but also scorpions, ticks and mites. Insects have six legs and a spider has eight. Spider bites are usually harmless. Very often bites attributed to spiders are caused by other insects, such as mosquitoes. Sometimes certain local rashes become

Symptoms of a spider bite

  1. Symptoms


  1. If you live or reside in an area with potentially dangerous spiders, it is recommended that you take appropriate precautions to avoid getting bitten. Always zip up your tent when camping and wear long pants when hiking in areas with a lot of spiders. Turn your shoes upside down and check them before putting them on by tapping them on the floor. Always check places where you would not normally go first for the presence of spiders. For example in the attic and in the basement.

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