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Sweets during pregnancy: what is possible / not

  1. During your pregnancy you consciously think about your nutrition. But does this also mean that you are not allowed to enjoy anything at all? Should you let all pastries and cakes pass you by on birthdays? No! But it is wise to watch out with sugars. Why? Because you can develop gestational diabetes, have a big baby and / or have a yeast infection.


  1. Caffeine Although chocolate contains caffeine, there is no evidence that an average intake of chocolate could be harmful. One bar contains about 10mg of caffeine. But the amount can quickly increase if you also drink chocolate milk and other caffeine-containing products (such as coffee). Are you going over a certain intake (read here)

Desserts and tarts with cheese and / or eggs

  1. Raw milk

Tips against sugar

  1. Fruit: Fruit is a healthy alternative. Heft has fiber and vitamins, along with nature lovers sugars. Water: drink plenty of water. If you think you have a craving for sweets, your body can actually tell you that you are thirsty. Mixing: mix a little (carbonated) water with fruit juice instead of soft drink or pure fruit juice. Applesauce: Use natural applesauce as a sweetener instead of sugar. Toppings: use natural types of fruit toppings, without sugar additives and preservatives. Convenience: Cut back on prepackaged meals and canned foods and check labels for added sugars. Portions: eat small portions if you do eat something nice and sweet. Protect yourself: put an overdose of candy (for example after Halloween or St. Maarten) in the freezer. Out of sight out of mind. You can still enjoy it, just not as quickly and impulsively as before. If you still can't keep your hands off it, take it to work (in the front of the candy jar) or give unopened bags of candy to the food bank.

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