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Swimming in the North Sea on the Wadden Islands

  1. When you go on holiday to a Wadden Island, there is nothing better than swimming in the North Sea, playing in the waves and paddling along the tide line. The salty water of the North Sea is also beneficial, in short: a wellness experience without having to pay for it. Water fun starts on the first day of the year. The New Year's Dive can be made at various places. In summer and late summer the water has a wonderful temperature for a tasty and beneficial North Sea bath, where the swimmer comes into contact with healthy sea air and potassium, calcium, fluorine and zinc from the seawater.

A healthy North Sea pool on the North Sea coast

  1. Beneficial power from the salty water of the North Sea Mineral salts in the sea air Salt on your skin Water temperature at the Wadden Islands in August Winter swimming Water quality Blue Flag Safe above all else Swimming on the North Sea coast

Winter swimming

  1. Cold water swimming has a strengthening effect. It strengthens our muscles and bones and immune system while the waves massage the body in the meantime. Whoever swims in cold water and steps out of the water will notice the rosiness of the skin. The capillaries expand and give a pleasant feeling of warmth. Those who swim in very cold water can opt for a wetsuit. Regular swimwear cools down outside the water and allows the skin to cool down quickly. Winter swimming

Safe above all

  1. Swimming in the North Sea can be wonderful, but every swimmer must keep an eye on safety. Ebb and flow give different currents and especially the ebb current can be treacherous. Swim comfortably and safely and pay attention to the water levels or the instructions of the lifeguards

Swimming on the North Sea coast

  1. You can swim in the North Sea on the beaches of Ameland and the other Wadden islands (Texel, Vlieland, Terschelling and Schiermonnikoog

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