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Tao or Dao, soothing rituals from ancient China

  1. Your body, your soul, your rituals according to Rituals Home Body cosmetics. The company, which makes products inspired by Eastern beauty rituals, was founded by Raymond Cloosterman. He wanted to approach the products he had worked with for twelve years during his career at Unilever in a completely new way. The Tao or Dao products can bring you ultimate relaxation.

Which rituals do you encounter at Rituals

  1. Refreshing rituals Energizing rituals Relaxing rituals Skin care rituals Make-up rituals Tea rituals Home rituals Pure cotton

Which combination can you use to find balance

  1. The gentle exfoliating cream. Take a lovely shower with T'ai Chi. Then pamper the skin with the nourishing body cream. Massage the pressure points of the feet with foot balm. Finally, a tip of anti-stress serum on your forehead, neck and temple.

Sleep well

  1. Use calming bed and body mist to bring the sleeping area into a restful atmosphere. Take a bath with relaxing bubble bath. Finally, take care of the skin with the massage oil.

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