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Ten-day diet

  1. The ten-day diet is a diet where you can lose 5 kilos in ten days. Keep in mind that when losing weight in such a short time, a significant part of the weight loss consists of water loss. In very obese people it may even be more fluid than a few liters. The ten day diet is therefore suitable if you want to wear one less clothing size quickly. However, in order to lose weight permanently, you will have to adjust your life pattern. Burning fat takes time.

Basic Rules Ten Day Diet

  1. No butter but margarine Eat whole wheat bread instead of white bread Coffee and tea without sugar can be drunk unlimited Baking with as little fat as possible. Also preferably regularly grill or cook meat and fish Drink about 2.5 liters of water per day Eat lean meat (including sea meat) No sauces on the vegetables Healthy salad dressings No sauces with the vegetables. Follow the diet exactly to get the desired effect

The 10 day diet, recipes day to day

  1. Day 1: Breakfast: 1 whole wheat sandwich with a pinch of margarine. 1 boiled egg for the bread. 1 apple. Coffee or tea without sugar. or a glass of mineral water. Lunch: 2 whole wheat sandwiches. 1 ounce of lean ham (remove the white edges from the ham and do not eat it) and 1 pickle. 1 glass of (fresh) orange juice or grapefruit. Dinner: 2 moderately sized boiled potatoes (try cooking them in the jacket too!) About 100-120 grams of meat (chicken or boiled or grilled fish). Two tablespoons of vegetables. 1 glass of buttermilk or 1 glass of low-fat quark.

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