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The best alternatives to sugary drinks

  1. Do you drink a lot of sugary drinks but would you rather switch to a healthier alternative? Fortunately, you don't have to be on the water all day. There are also several alternatives to sugary drinks that simply have a great taste. Consider, for example, coconut water or beet juice. In addition, you can also make your own juices or smoothies with a juicer. You are doing your health a service with it.

Something other than sugar!

  1. Sugar is a favorite, but bad for your health Coconut water Beet juice Juice or smoothie with olive leaf

Coconut water

  1. There has been a hype around coconut water for some time

Beet juice

  1. It may not have such a tasty reputation, but have you ever tried beet juice? Various scientific studies have shown that beet juice helps to lower blood pressure due to the high concentrations of nitrates. Those who do a lot of sports and would like to hydrate well before a workout would also do well to replace sports drinks with beet juice. Muscles work more efficiently and less energy is needed to make oxygen. Beet juice contains 41 calories per 100 ml. You can buy (organic) beet juice in a bottle, but you can also add it as red beet powder to a smoothie.

Juice or smoothie with olive leaf

  1. Do you like to make your own juices or smoothies with, for example, a juicer, blender or slow juicer? Then consider olive leaf

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