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The darker the bread, the healthier?

  1. The brown color does not always say anything about the health of the bread. Fiber-rich breads such as wholemeal bread, rye bread and brown bread are darker in color than less fiber-rich breads such as white bread. Sometimes bread is darkened with roasted malt. For example, bread baked with white flour may look dark, even though it lacks the fiber and nutrients found in whole wheat bread. The darker, the healthier the bread will therefore not work.

White bread versus wholemeal bread

  1. Whole grain bread is the healthiest choice because it is high in fiber and other beneficial nutrients. Bread is made from grain, usually wheat. When making of white bread, only the core of the grain is used. In front of whole wheat flour becomes the whole grain of wheat ground. It contains important nutrients such as B vitamins and minerals such as iron. But also fiber

Multigrain bread is not necessarily whole grain

  1. The naming and labeling of wholemeal bread is legal regularly. If the term whole grain is used in the name of the bread, then are you sure that whole grain (wheat) flour has been used. Rye bread is also one wholemeal product and there are wholemeal variants of, for example, currant bread. Brown bread or wheat bread is a mixture of wheat flour and whole wheat flour. Multigrain bread is made from several types of grain. It can whole wheat flour, but you don't have to. If you are going to bake your own bread, choose wholemeal flour and no flour, because all the fibers have been sifted out there.

  1. How do you recognize wholemeal bread? Buy your bread at the bakery and want to know if it is from wholemeal flour is made, just ask. If it is prepackaged, for example in the supermarket you see it on the label. It usually says on the front that it is wholemeal bread. You can also check the back of the ingredients list to see if they used whole wheat flour. For example, if it only says wheat flour or wheat flour, it is not whole grain.

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