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The Dutch believe en masse in # 039, the true # 039;

  1. The majority of the Dutch (84 percent) believe in 'true love': the idea that in this world there is one, or at most a few, love partners with whom we feel that they were really made for us. According to research by Psychology Magazine.

  1. Five hundred people - representative of all Dutch people - completed an online questionnaire about their ideas about love. The results show that we, 'down to earth' Dutch people, are all in all quite romantic.

Love at first sight

  1. Almost half of people believe it is possible to fall in love with someone almost instantly, even before talking to them. Men believe that more often than women. More than a third (35 percent) of the Dutch have fallen in love at first sight.


  1. Women more often have the idea that there is only one soul mate in front of them, men that there could be a few true loves. More than two-thirds of all Dutch people say they have found their true love â € “and are now in a relationship with them. But we do remain realistic: only a quarter of the Dutch believe that a love relationship mainly goes without saying. Yet during a relationship, 64 percent have had the feeling that it went completely by itself, and that they hardly needed to work on it. More than half (58 percent) are convinced that love can overcome all practical problems - for example, money problems, physical distance, or conflicts about work or children. Women believe that more often than men.

Good news

  1. That we are so romantic is good news. Because scientific research shows: people who strongly believe in romantic ideas, such as "the right one exists," generally have better relationships.

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