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The Gender Reveal Party: Gender Reveal

  1. To celebrate the arrival of a baby, all kinds of parties are organized. The baby shower, to prepare the expectant mother for motherhood, and the maternity party for when the little one arrives are already popular in the Netherlands, but the Gender Reveal Party is still a fairly new phenomenon. In America they make a party of everything and they have known the Gender Reveal Party or Gender Party for several years. Since 2013, the Gender Party has also been gaining popularity in the Netherlands. It used to be unusual, but nowadays parents-to-be are eager to find out the sex of their unborn child.

Reveal Tail

  1. The most important moment at a Gender Reveal Party is when the gender of the baby is announced. Traditionally, this moment happens when the cake is cut. The festive cake that is made especially for the party has a colored filling. When the baby becomes a girl the filling of the cake is pink and when the baby becomes a boy the filling is blue. Nothing of this filling can be seen on the outside of the cake. Only when the parents-to-be cut the cake can the gender be read from the filling. This broaching usually takes place to loud applause from the invitees. The expectant parents who already know the gender, have a cake made with the filling according to the color of the baby's gender. Parents who prefer to find out the gender only at the party itself, can get a note from the doctor who made the ultrasound with the gender on it. If they then hand the note to the baker without looking at it, he or she will make a cake with the correct filling.

Other ways of disclosure

  1. Other ways to reveal gender are to match the filling in small cupcakes to the gender of the baby. You can then give all guests their own cupcake. If you bite together during an agreed moment, everyone will know the sex of the unborn child at the same time. This way of revealing can also be done with filled cookies.

Party Games

  1. To make the party fun and fun you can play games at the Gender Reveal Party. It is of course very nice to know what your family members and friends think it will be. So let them make it clear in many ways what gender they think the unborn baby is. For example, the guests can adjust the color of their clothes accordingly. You can also make buttons stating which team they belong to, the team that thinks it will be a girl or the team that thinks it will be a boy. Or have them mark their gender on a sign.

Party dress

  1. The best thing is to dress the party in pink and blue. Think of balloons, garlands and flags, but also food in the colors pink and blue. Buy blue and pink lemonade and give it to the guests. Also make sure you have enough plates, cups and cutlery in the colors pink and blue or maybe if you want to provide this later when the gender is already known in the color of the gender of the baby. If you have a movie or photos of the ultrasound, you can of course show it on television or a computer during the party.

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