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The healing effect of lavender

  1. Lavender is known for its beautiful purple flowers and delicious scent. In addition to perfume and soap, lavender can also be used in the kitchen and to make tea. Like many other herbs, lavender has many medicinal properties, it can be used to combat stress and insomnia. The antibacterial effect can help to disinfect wounds, stomach and intestinal complaints and a cold. Lavender may also help with diabetes, hair loss from alopecia and cancer.

The medicinal effect of lavender

  1. Relaxing

Side Effects

  1. Lavender is generally well tolerated, in some cases it can cause headaches or an increased appetite and when using essential oil on the skin, skin irritation can occur. Lavender is not recommended for boys who have not yet gone through puberty because it could disrupt the hormone balance and possibly delay puberty. A normal amount is three drops of lavender oil per application or per bath and three cups of lavender tea per day. Because of its calming effect, lavender could enhance the effect of sleeping pills. Lavender oil should never be ingested.

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