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The healing power of mint

  1. Mint is a wonderfully fresh and healthy herb that we mainly know from the fresh mint tea. You can also use dried mint to make tea. You need less dried mint than fresh mint for a cup of tea. That's because water absorbs the flavors from dried leaves better than fresh leaves. If you let a tea bag with mint leaves steep for 5 minutes, it tastes much more like mint than if you put much more fresh mint in a teapot by weight.

Ancient Coin

  1. Coin was with the ancient Egyptians

Mint, good for digestion

  1. Mint has more effects on digestion than just calming the intestines. It aids digestion. It also promotes salivary gland function. In this way enzymes are activated that promote digestion. In this way the symptoms of indigestion are soothed. In addition, the antibacterial effect ensures that the mouth becomes cleaner. Of course, mint leaves are in many recipes for natural mouthwashes

Mint drinking tips

  1. Mint is delicious in fresh drinking water. You can make a pitcher of water and add some fresh mint leaves to it. The combination with lemon and lime is also possible. Mint is the seasoning in tea mixes. When you need an herb that doesn't taste particularly good like peach herb or plantain

Eating tips mint

  1. Mint is a nice fresh herb for a pasta meal or potato variety. It is a good idea not to bake or cook mint but to cut it fresh on your plate and mix it with your food when you put it on your plate. You can of course also sprinkle this green herb over your food just before you eat. This way optimal healing power is preserved. If you co-cook mint you will notice that the taste can predominate. Make a mint sauce by boiling water with mint and pouring it over a bowl of flour while beating. The sauce is ready right away! This tastes great over vegetables such as cauliflower and broccoli. You can also fry an onion with garlic and mix it with the mint water, then the sauce will get even more flavor and you only use natural, fresh flavors. In Thai cuisine, mint is used in soups. Add some mint and red pepper to the soup to give it a Thai character. Indian raita is yogurt with mint. When you mix plain yogurt with mint, walnuts and honey you have a delicious dessert.

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