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The healing power of seaweed

  1. Whoever wants to eat seaweed cannot pick up seaweed from the beach because it is too tough; you should only eat seaweed that needs to be picked because it is stuck in the sea bed. Seaweed has been eaten in Japan and China for centuries. Dried seaweed is also used in these countries to wrap food. The medicinal properties of seaweed have often been exaggerated by devious health freaks and marketing executives. It has a high nutritional value which makes it a shame that seaweed has a variety of unsubstantiated medicinal claims.

Brief history of seaweed as food

  1. The ancient Chinese included seaweed as part of the daily menu more than 10,000 years ago. The ancient Romans used seaweed against joint diseases. Seaweed is regularly consumed in coastal countries such as Scotland, Ireland, Iceland, Norway, New Zealand and the Polynesian Islands. In the Netherlands we are just getting used to it. We can simply eat seaweed from the North Sea or Wadden Sea. People have been aware of this for decades, especially in alternative ecological stores. For a few years now you can get seaweed at Albert Heyn

Nutritional value of seaweed

  1. There are different types of seaweed and the nutritional value varies per species. Therefore, it is difficult to make a general statement about the nutritional value of seaweed. One type contains vitamin A and the other does not. What can be said is that every kind contains magnesium, potassium and iodine. The seaweed kombu is the only kind that lacks iron. The RDA percentages

Seaweed diabetes

  1. Seaweed does not contain very high percentages of minerals, but almost all of them are in it, which makes this sea vegetable a nutritious alternative to land vegetable. For diabetics benefit from seaweed because side effects of diabetes

Tips for eating seaweed

  1. The healthiest way to eat seaweed is not to cook it. Seaweed can be spread raw over a salad. Seaweed also works as a raw addition to fried rice with vegetables. You can use seaweed as a base for a salad. Just add some sesame seeds, a few crushed leaves of lettuce or spinach and some cold legumes to make a healthy salad.

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