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The Home Pharmacy, what are the pros and cons?

  1. The Home Pharmacy is on the rise. This fast-growing pharmacy supplies medicines that you must use chronically. The medicines will be delivered to your home or work, or even to your holiday address. This pharmacy is growing fast. But what are the pros and cons of the Home Pharmacy? Most people probably find the biggest advantage of not having to call to order repeat prescriptions again. This pharmacy even delivers to holiday addresses. But there are also disadvantages.

Advantages of the Home Pharmacy

  1. You will always receive your medicines at home You no longer need to call for repeat prescriptions for chronic medication You will receive a notification by e-mail stating exactly when your medicines will be delivered to your home Medicines that you use (repeatedly) are delivered automatically and on time, on fixed days You can also receive medicines at your holiday address by TNT post. The Thuisapotheek supplies you with a medicine passport You simply remain registered with your own pharmacy and general practitioner if you use this online service. So you do not change pharmacy or doctor

Disadvantages of the home pharmacy

  1. Provides mainly chronic medication and not all medication. So once you use this pharmacy you still need your own pharmacy for medicines you need unexpectedly, such as antibiotics The home pharmacy does not deliver your medicines daily, but delivers by post on set days.

Home pharmacy, yes or no?

  1. You are free to choose from which pharmacy you order your medicines. If you are not satisfied with your current pharmacy or you find it annoying that you have to order your chronic medication over and over again, this may be a great solution for you. Another advantage is that the Home Pharmacy can also deliver your medicines to another address or to your holiday address. However, keep in mind that your own pharmacy can probably also deliver your chronic medication to your home and can also automate this so that you do not have to call as often. Your current pharmacy also knows your medical situation well and knows your general practitioner personally. Always consult your own pharmacy and general practitioner first about the possibilities if you want your medicines to be automatically delivered to your home.

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