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The Soup Diet: lose kilos quickly in 7 days

  1. The Soup Diet, also known as the Sacred Heart Diet, is a diet that falls under the crash diet. You eat about 800 to 1000 calories per day. The diet has been specially developed for people who need to lose weight quickly for medical reasons. The Soup Diet works the same as the hospital diet.

The eating schedule

  1. Day Feeding Day 1 All fruits, except bananas. The (water) melons are very suitable. They contain few calories. In addition, you can eat as much soup as you want. Day 2 You can also eat as much soup as you want today. Eat vegetables until you have had enough. Go for fresh or canned vegetables and try to consume green leafy vegetables as much as possible. At dinner you may eat 1 boiled potato. Fruit is prohibited on the second day

Is it unhealthy?

  1. With the Soup Diet you take in 800 to 1000 calories per day. This means that the Soup Diet belongs to the list of crash diets. There are disadvantages to this diet, but if you listen carefully to your body it will not be unhealthy. It is also recommended not to follow the diet for longer than 7 days.

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