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The (un) healthy sides of ice cream

  1. Delicious, such a cooling ice cream. But how do you make a smart choice? And are there actually some vitamins in fruit ice creams? The (un) healthy sides of ice cream.

  1. Ice cream is made from milk, cream or water with a flavor. To make ice cream taste good, a lot of sugar is always needed, because the colder something is, the less good we taste the sweet. The number of calories varies greatly per ice cream. Ice cream contains three to four times the calories of sorbet or water ice. This is mainly due to the fat in ice cream. This ice cream contains the fewest calories.

Fruit ice cream: difference between sorbet and water ice

  1. Fruit flavored ice cream comes in two types: sorbet and water ice. When it comes to calories, there is usually little difference between the two. Sorbet ice cream is made from pureed fruit. As a result, it also contains the fiber from fruit and some vitamins, but don't imagine too much with that. Sorbet ice cream also contains a lot of sweetness in the form of fruit juice, sugars and syrups. With fruit flavored water ice, fiber or vitamins are hard to find unless they have been added.


  1. If you puree fruit yourself and make sorbet ice cream from it, the ice contains the vitamins that were also in the fruit. Make sure you freeze it quickly after pureeing, so the vitamins are best preserved. Ice cream made from fruit juice contains fewer vitamins, because it contains less real fruit. Sometimes vitamin C is added to ice creams. Looks nice and looks healthy, but to get vitamin C, you better eat a piece of fruit or your daily portion of vegetables.

Homemade ice cream

  1. Making your own ice cream is not difficult and you have control over the amount of sugar and fat. Two tasty, healthy recipes: Two-color ice cream Strawberry-Yoghurt ice cream

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