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This is how many calories are in candy bars

  1. It is four o'clock and you are walking into the supermarket. Secretly you are already hungry but it will take a while before you start cooking. It is actually not wise to eat something and especially not to snack, yet the temptation cannot be resisted. How many calories does such a Mars, Twix, mini Tony or bag of Maltesers actually contain?

  1. In the supermarket, at the gas station or in the city. Nowadays you can score a candy bar anywhere. A Bounty, Snickers or Mars? It all sounds good, but what actually contains more calories and fat? We have listed the most famous candy bars: Product Kilocalories each Grams of fat Balisto (Muesli mix) 93 (18.5 grams) 4.6 Bounty 267 (55 grams) 14.4 Brittle 137 (25 grams) 8.5 Kinder Bueno 122 (21.5 grams) 8 Kinder Chocolate 71 (12.5 grams) 4.4 KitKat 234 (45 grams) 12.5 Lion 197 (40 grams) 9.2 Maltesers 100 (20 grams) 4.9 Mars 202 (45 grams) 7.5 Milky Way 197 (44 grams) 7 M M's milk chocolate 230 (48 grams) 10 M M's with peanuts 250 (49 grams) 13 Nuts 149 (30 grams) 7.4 Rolo 124 (26 grams) 5.3 Smarties 73 (15 grams) 3.1 Snickers 218 (45 grams) 10.4 Tony's mini milk 272.5 (50 grams) 16.6 Tony's mini milk with hazelnut 280 (50 grams) 18 Tony's mini milk caramel sea salt 268 (50 grams) 15.9 Tony's mini milk with nougat 268 (50 grams) 15.7 Tony's mini pure 281 (50 grams) 21.2 Tony's mini pure almond sea salt 269.5 (50 grams) 17.6 Twix 248 (50 grams) 12 A It is best to skip the Tony's mini pure if you consider the calories and fat content. This actually applies to all Tonyâ € ™ s miniâ € ™ s. The least unhealthy is the Kinder Chocolate in terms of kilocalories and Smarties if you pay attention to the fat content.

Disk of Five

  1. The delicacies do not belong to the Wheel of Five. They contain a lot of sugar and saturated fat. Too much sugar can contribute to obesity. Saturated fats increase the amount of bad cholesterol (LDL) in the blood. Too much LDL in the blood increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. The Nutrition Center indicates that these types of products are allowed, but not too much and too often. What does this mean? The Nutrition Center says about this: â € œDo not choose something small more than 3 to 5 times a day outside the Wheel of Five, and in addition, no more than 3 times a week, something larger. You could possibly eat them three times a week, according to the Nutrition Center. Please note that there are also a lot of other things a week choice and this is not only about candy bars. Enjoy it during a moment for yourself or together with others. Remember that a balanced diet is important. A little chocolate now and then is fine, but enjoy it in moderation.

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