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This is how you get the most out of the vitamins in vegetables

  1. Vegetables are full of vitamins and minerals that your body really needs. But if you cook vegetables for too long and don't store them properly, some of those vitamins will be lost. Sin! How do you prevent that?

  1. Here's how to get the most out of vegetables: Cook vegetables as short as possible. Vitamins are lost when preparing food, which can be as high as 10 to 50 percent or more. The vitamin C content in kale, for example, can drop sharply if you cook it longer than necessary. The optimal cooking time differs per vegetable. The vitamins in vegetables are always absorbed into the water (cooking liquid). You can't do anything about that, but you can limit this process by using little water. The less water you use, the less vitamin loss will occur. Preferably choose whole, uncut vegetables in the store. Sliced, mashed or squeezed vegetables have often already lost some of the vitamin C. Keep your vegetables cool and dark. In a place where a lot of sunlight can get, more vitamins are lost. The kitchen cabinet or fridge drawer is often better than the counter in front of the window. Do you want to know how to store vegetables for as long as possible? Look it up in the digital Bewaarwijzer.

How many vitamins can be lost?

  1. It is not possible to say exactly how much vitamin loss can occur. It depends on many things, such as the type of vegetable (for example lettuce is more delicate than pepper), the type of vitamin, the amount of water, the temperature at which it is stored.

How many vegetables should I eat?

  1. The advice is to eat at least 250 grams of vegetables every day. That's five serving spoons full with the evening meal. Do you like that a lot? Then try to eat vegetables more often during the day, for example by eating vegetables on bread, or in between. Visit for more information about vegetables and vitamins.

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