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This is what is in an oliebol

  1. New Years Eve naturally includes eating oliebollen, apple fritters, apple dumplings and apple turnovers. How many calories and fats are there? An overview.

  1. One apple turnover is good for more than 300 kilocalories, an apple dumpling even for 422 kilocalories.

Do you want to bake 'healthier' donuts yourself?

  1. Preferably do this in liquid fat. Take oil, such as sunflower, corn, soy, or plain olive oil (no extra virgin). It contains much less saturated fat than hard frying fat. Set the deep fryer to 150 to 175Â ° C, then your oliebol will not absorb too much oil. You can also choose to make the oliebollen smaller. This way you will not get large amounts of extra calories, but you can enjoy the traditional New Years snack.


  1. How do you know if the temperature of the fat is hot enough? Throw a piece of bread into the hot oil. When the temperature is right, the bread will color. The temperature is too low when the bread sinks to the bottom and too high when the bread turns brown immediately.

Oliebol or apple turnover?

  1. Do you want to know which treat has the fewest calories? Compare them In the table below. Product Kcal Total fat (grams) Saturated fat (grams) Small donut (65 grams) 161 6 1 Small oliebol with raisins (65 grams) 179 6 1 Apple turnover (100 grams) 361 22 10 Apple fritter (55 grams) 147 11 1.4 Apple ball (175 grams) 422 23 10 A

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