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Three out of four women want ultrasounds more often

  1. Pregnant women increasingly want an extra ultrasound. This has emerged from research conducted by the 'Hoe Bevalt Nederland' program, conducted by EenVandaag Opiniepanel.

  1. Two ultrasounds are reimbursed by the health insurance company: one between ten and thirteen weeks and a 20-week ultrasound. 75 percent of women think this is too little. They would like to know how the child is doing between the 20-week ultrasound and delivery. There are women who have medical complications during the last weeks, which can be detected early with an extra ultrasound. Women only receive an extra ultrasound at 30 and 36 weeks of pregnancy if they have a medical indication. That is why four out of ten women have a fun ultrasound (in 3D) made at their own expense.


  1. Professor of Midwifery Eva Pajkrt of the Amsterdam UMC has been arguing for some time for an increase in the number of standard ultrasounds to five: at ten, thirteen and twenty weeks and then two more to see if the child is growing well . 'If it is not discovered in time that the child is too small, it can die in the stomach.' Every year about 300 babies die from growth retardation. That is 6 percent of the number of children born every year in the Netherlands. According to Pajkrt, this number can be reduced if women are checked more often.

KNOV against Incidentally, the professional association of midwives KNOV sees no reason to increase the number of standard ultrasounds. 'This is not necessary in a normal pregnancy', says a spokesperson. 'We would like to expressly say that a pregnant woman should always ring the bell with the midwife if she thinks something is wrong. Often fear can be allayed by a conversation or listening to the heart, but sometimes there may be a reason to have an extra ultrasound made. ' Don't miss anything anymore?

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Don't miss anything anymore?

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