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Tips for tasty and healthy snacks

  1. A snack is eaten in between main meals. These snacks mainly provide you with energy and therefore calories. But with the right choices, this is manageable and snacks can also provide a number of nutrients. When choosing a snack, it's important to consider the amount of calories and nutrients they provide. In this article, you will find some great tips to help you choose a healthy, tasty snack.

Main meals

  1. In the Netherlands we eat three main meals a day, consisting of breakfast, lunch and dinner. We eat a lot of snacks between these meals. This varies from a banana to a bar of chocolate. Snacks are very popular in our country, so there is a wide choice of these foods. You just walk into a supermarket and they are showing off on the shelves.

Tasty and healthy healthy snacks

  1. Below are some healthy snacks that are relatively low in calories and contain a number of important nutrients.

Have a hearty snack, here are a few tips

  1. Toast with slice of cucumber and slice of 30+ cheese. Salty stems (sticks), also called pepsels. Broth or a cup a soup with possibly 2 to 3 breadsticks. Cracker topped with 30+ cheese, or lean toppings such as smoked meat, chicken fillet, roast beef, casselrib, fricandeau. Handful of Japanese mix. Gherkins, or a pickle with a slice of smoked meat around it.

Feel like a sweet snack

  1. Cup of yoghurt with fruit or a little lemonade syrup. Cracker or a rice cake topped with jam or syrup.

  2. Cup of yogurt with fruit or a little lemonade syrup. Cracker or a rice cake topped with jam or syrup.

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