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Toothpaste: many types, brands and compositions

  1. Oral hygiene is partly dependent on the use of toothpaste with which the teeth are brushed. In many cultures it is common to brush the teeth regularly. This was even the case when toothpaste did not yet exist. Toothpaste is now available in various brands and with different flavors. The traditional white color is decorated with colored stripes in a number of varieties. Get used to it or just keep buying another variety.

Tooth powder as the first tooth polish

  1. In the days when there were no toothpaste and toothbrushes, teeth were brushed with a twig from a tree or plant. Salt would also have been used, but since salt was once very expensive, this will not have been used by many. Before the invention of the toothpaste, there was tooth powder and actually it had been there in some form for centuries. Ancient Egypt already used a powder mixture consisting of ashes, broken egg shells and ground

Toothpaste in jars and tubes

  1. The first toothpaste was produced in 1850 by the American Washington Wentworth Sheffield. This paste consisted of a mixture of a type of soap and lime and was sold in glass jars. Tube toothpaste was first produced by Shaffield at the Beecham's company he founded in 1892. Due to the easy handling of the toothpaste in tubes, the use in America increased sharply. In the Netherlands, toothpaste was only sold for the first time around 1936 and produced by the Erdal factories in Amersfoort

Toothpaste with stripes

  1. There are also toothpastes that contain colored stripes. To avoid mixing of the colorant causing the stripes, the paste should be viscous (difficult to change shape). The different parts must also have the same density. The viscosity ensures that the colors do not mix when using the tube and with the same composition of the colored ingredients, gravity cannot influence so that the stripes remain beautifully formed even after repeated use.

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