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Urine smells like coffee: causes of coffee smell of urine

  1. Urine that smells like coffee is an abnormal urine smell. Just like urine that smells like fish, ammonia, egg, beer, sewer, sweat, ham, etc., that is. Your kidneys filter waste products from your blood that together with water make up your urine. These waste products give urine its characteristic odor and color. Eating and drinking certain foods, including coffee, can change the smell of your urine. At some point, you may notice that your urine smells like coffee instead of the usual odor. While this may not matter to most people and shrug it off, others may find it odd and wonder why their urine has a coffee smell.

Urinary tract

  1. You drink, you pee. But urine is more than just that drink you drank a few hours ago. The body produces urine

Certain foods and drinks

  1. Different foods and drinks cause the urine to have an unusual odor or appearance. These scents can have different characteristics, and colds

Causes that urine smells like coffee

  1. Substances in coffee

Other causes of abnormal urine smell

  1. Foul-smelling urine or an abnormal urine smell can also have other causes. For example, sweet-smelling urine can be a sign of diabetes mellitus. Urine that smells like ammonia could indicate a urinary tract infection. Fish-smelling urine

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