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Use Momordica charantia (bitter melon) for diabetes

  1. Momordica charantia or bitter melon is a fruit that grows mainly in Asia and South America. The fruit is used to make a supplement that can be used to treat symptoms caused by diabetes or diabetes. Scientific research has shown that momordics can have various hypoglycemic or blood sugar lowering effects. Thus, it is able to stimulate glucose utilization of peripheral and skeletal muscles, inhibit intestinal glucose uptake and suppress important gluconeogenic enzymes with a stabilizing effect on blood sugar. It is widely used in indigenous communities where there is little or no access to regular diabetes medication.

Use of Momordica charantia in diabetes

  1. About Momordica charantia Use in supplement form for diabetes How do you use Momordica charantia? Availability

About Momordica charantia

  1. Momordica charantia - also known by the names bitter melon

Use in supplement form for diabetes

  1. Besides the fact that the fruit can be eaten, it is also processed in nutritional supplements of which use in alternative medicine is especially recommended for diabetes. Among indigenous peoples, particularly in Asia and South America, it is as such one of the most popular remedies for the condition because of the stabilizing effect that momordica has on blood sugar (Cefalu, 2008


  1. Momordica charantia or bitter melon in supplement form is available in the Netherlands at various health food stores and through web shops. It is sold under the brands Mattisson, Full Spectrum, Healthy Vitamins and Phyto Health, among others.

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