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Vinegar as an aid against ailments

  1. Vinegar is mainly used for food. It is used for dressings, among other things. For example, you can pour it on a salad to make it taste better. You can even use it as a cleaning product. In medicine, vinegar is sometimes used as a natural remedy for all kinds of ailments. It can relieve itching and help soothe the pain. Vinegar can act as a cure for many other physical problems.

Headache Remedy?

  1. Vinegar is one of the most popular folk remedies for headaches. In the past, people soaked bread in apple cider vinegar and put it on the forehead. This remedy is still worth a try. No one is quite sure why it works, but for most people it can be a good alternative to headaches.

Remedy for animal bites

  1. Vinegar can also help with most bites, be they mosquito bites or jellyfish bites. You can remedy the feeling you get with vinegar. With some bites, the pain may not go away completely, but the pain and itching can be relieved.

Anti-bacteria and fungus

  1. You can use vinegar against many molds, if you have swimmer's ear you can use vinegar to kill the mold. Pour a few drops of this natural remedy into your ear. A few times a day is sufficient. The itching will diminish and the problem with your ear will be resolved quickly. If this has not improved after a week, it is best to go to the doctor. You can also use vinegar against athlete's foot. Take a large warm bowl for your feet, fill it with hot water and add a good dash of vinegar. The fungi on your feet or between your toes will give up quickly.

Sore throat and cold remedy

  1. Many people take a bowl of water and inhale the hot fumes. This is usually used for a severe sore throat or cold. Usually a few drops of eucalyptus are added to enhance the effect. although this is fine too, you can use vinegar if your eucalyptus bottle is empty.

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