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Vitamin W - with the W of Wadden and Wadden Islands

  1. A trip to the Wadden is not only fun and delicious, it can also be very healing. The sun shines more often than in the rest of the country, you can enjoy walking, the sound of the sea is soothing and the sea air is healthy for the lungs. The Wadden are an excellent place to catch their breath, a breathtaking place for those who have been busy, an additional place for those who have to bear a great loss and a charging place for people whose battery has drained. It is not so much the substances in the seawater that have a beneficial effect, it is rather a combination of healthy air, swimming, walking, enjoying nature and relaxation that is beneficial for body and mind. The Wadden guarantees their own vitamin: vitamin W.

Off to the Wadden Islands for a healthy dose of vitamin W

  1. Texel, Vlieland, Terschelling, Ameland, Schiermonnikoog Swimming in the North Sea Sun Nature Walking and cycling Get some fresh air and clean air Wadden Islands and vitamin W

Swimming in the North Sea

  1. Swimming in the North Sea

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