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Waist Trainer, training a slim waist with a corset

  1. A Waist Trainer or Waist Shaper, is a corset, specially designed to 'train the waist as slim as possible.' You do not fall off the corset, but your body volume is locally pushed away by the Waist Shaper, which makes the buttocks and hips appear larger. The waist is getting slimmer. It is suitable for women who like a big butt, in combination with a slim waist, and for women who are slim, but who want to emphasize their waist.

Advantages and disadvantages of a corset

  1. Advantages

Is it harmful?

  1. There are risks to every unnatural procedure. With very intensive use of corsets that are too tight, organs can be damaged and your ribs can fuse. Dr. S. Gottfield, American author of the book The Hormone Reset Diet, argues that such corsets make it difficult to breathe and can move the liver, lungs and intestines. So don't over-train your waist with a Waist Shaper, and don't wear the garment too tight.

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