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What are healthy snacks?

  1. You can easily make a tasty snack yourself. That is healthier and often cheaper. Choose ingredients from the Wheel of Five and unleash the creative hobby chef in you. On this page you will find inspiration for making healthy snacks.

12 x inspiration for savory snacks

  1. Snack vegetables such as cucumber and cherry tomatoes with dip, for example this broad bean dip or pepper dip. Roasted chickpeas with herbs are delicious. And you can easily make it yourself. How to make crostini with tuna. Eggplant rolls, you only have to grill the eggplant and then you can make rolls. Chicory boring? No! You make great creations with it. Toast with mackerel is simply enjoyment. Bread tray with vegetable egg ragout. Ideal for an evening with guests. Do it nice and chic with mushroom caviar. Even savory popcorn pops. Anyone can make guacamole! Bring the sunshine into your home with this tasty Mexican avocado dip. Nice and creative: soft spring rolls with shrimp. This is how you make stuffed mushrooms.

12 x inspiration for sweet snacks

  1. A direct hit: oatmeal date cookies. You're always in the right place with a tasty apple crunch. By mashing dates and dried apricots and making balls of them, you get bonbons! Apricot date balls Grilled banana with lime. Make fruit ice cream? That's how you do that . Stuffed pear with cream cheese and walnuts. A classic combination. Remember the French toast? They are ready in no time: French toast with apricot purée. Enjoy homemade blueberry muffins. You make everyone happy with these fruit rolls. Get started with the oven: banana bread with walnuts. For a strong appetite, you can make a robust orange cake. Apple from the oven with cinnamon and raisins: Wash the apple and remove the core with an apple corer. Put the apple in a baking dish and fill the cavity with a mixture of a tablespoon of raisins and a pinch of cinnamon. Heat the apple in the oven for 20 minutes (200 ºC). Delicious with a spoonful of low-fat Greek yogurt.

Video 3x making snacks

  1. Also watch the video 3x making snacks on YouTube:

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