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What are the pros and cons of buttermilk?

  1. I like to drink buttermilk and I have the impression that it is also very healthy, is that so? Or are there any disadvantages?

  1. Patricia Schutte, nutritionist Milk and milk products contain many good nutrients, such as protein, vitamins B2, B12 and calcium. Buttermilk is also part of the skimmed milk products, so you don't get too much saturated and trans fats. Great to drink every day, but it can also be low-fat milk or low-fat yogurt drink with no added sugars.

Healthy eating pattern

  1. We prefer not to say that products in themselves are â € healthyâ € ™. Healthy eating is about the whole diet and not about individual foods. There is no miracle cure that will make you suddenly healthy. A varied diet is the best way to get all the important nutrients. Buttermilk is included in the Wheel of Five and can be part of such a healthy diet.

Disadvantages A small group of people get complaints from dairy products. They have a cow's milk allergy or lactose intolerance. In addition, dairy products are not very sustainable. Soy drink with extra calcium and vitamin B12 is a good substitute. Do you also have a question? Then ask one of our experts. Always go to your doctor with urgent questions, the experts are not the right person for that. They also don't make diagnoses. You can find the other conditions here. Patricia Schutte has worked for more than 25 years as an information officer at the Netherlands Nutrition Center in The Hague. She answers questions about healthy, sustainable and safe food. Also read How is buttermilk made? Why you should drink buttermilk more often Don't miss anything anymore?

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