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What is cocoa and (raw) cocoa powder and is it healthy?

  1. Cocoa, what is that actually and how is cocoa powder produced? Cocoa comes from the fruits of cocoa trees. After cocoa has been processed, cocoa butter and cocoa powder are created. Consuming raw cocoa powder has several benefits for the body. For example, it can lead to a drop in blood pressure.

Why is raw cocoa so healthy?

  1. Raw cocoa can improve physical and mental well-being

Facts about cocoa

  1. Did you know that cocoa contains substances that affect your mood? These are the same substances that the body produces on its own when you are happy or in love. Cocoa beans were used as a currency. They are said to have even been given as a dowry when members of the Spanish royal family married other European aristocrats. Cocoa trees are only found in hot rainy and tropical climates close to the equator It takes five years for a cocoa tree to produce its first cocoa beans

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