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What is the best age to conceive?

  1. Women in their twenties, thirties or forties may wish to become pregnant and have a baby. Whatever age you are, you will wonder if that plays a role in your pregnancy. What's the best age to get pregnant? And what are the advantages and disadvantages per age?

Pregnant at 20-25 years

  1. Advantages It is easiest to get pregnant You recover fastest after giving birth You still have a whole life ahead of you when the children are grown Parents usually live nearby and are more likely to join You don't have to interrupt your career later for a pregnancy

Pregnant at 29.4 years (Netherlands) and 28 years (Belgium)

  1. Advantages The average age, so there is a good chance that friends are also in diapers After the age of 25, your fertility will remain at the same level until the age of 30. Only then does fertility decline You've had plenty of time to travel and go out Your relationship is usually well underway

Pregnant with 35 and older

  1. Advantages More aware of the consequences of a child for your relationship and your life Financially you are usually in good shape You have enjoyed your freedom for a long time

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