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What should you not eat when you are pregnant?

  1. Good nutrition during pregnancy is important. Through good nutrition your child grows well and you stay healthy yourself. But there are also foods to avoid.

Pregnancy and nutrition

  1. During your pregnancy it is extra important to watch your diet. The baby in your belly grows from what you eat. Sufficient vitamins are very important for proper growth and development of the baby. Fruit, vegetables, meat, grains, fish, dairy, etc. contain essential building blocks for our body and that of the baby. Fats and sugar should always be used in moderation, but it is important to pay extra attention to this during pregnancy. Eating for two is not an option when you are pregnant, this only leads to extra weight for yourself, which is difficult to get off after the delivery.

What should you not eat when you are pregnant?

  1. Below are some foods that you should avoid while pregnant. They can contain harmful bacteria or cause physical problems that can be a threat to your and / or your baby's health:

Medicines: pills and powders during pregnancy?

  1. When you are pregnant pay extra attention to the use of medicines, vitamins or home remedies. Do not use any medication before consulting your doctor or midwife. Do not take vitamin pills, healthy food contains enough vitamins to be able to deliver a healthy baby. Too much of certain vitamins can be harmful to the baby. Beware of home remedies that you can get over the counter. Read the package leaflet carefully before you want to take a medication from the manual sale. Also first consult your doctor or midwife. Many medicines and vitamins can harm the baby and cause serious abnormalities, miscarriages and premature births.

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