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What you can and cannot eat as a pregnant woman

  1. What is a pregnant woman allowed to eat in the 9 months and what is she not allowed to eat. Below is a random list of foods that may and may not be used.


  1. Cheeses that are sold in Dutch supermarkets can be eaten quietly, even if they are French cheese. These cheeses are all made from pasteurized milk. Cheeses sold fresh at the cheese maker may contain raw milk. Always ask if they are made from pasteurized milk. If you want to use cheese in a dish, for example in a pasta or a pizza, you can eat any cheese. Any bacteria will be killed if the cheese is heated enough.

Meat products

  1. Yes No Smoked sausage


  1. Liver cheese (maximum 1 sandwich per day)


  1. Fish, especially raw fish, must be fresh. In the fish shop you should therefore always ask if the fish is fresh, especially with herring and other raw types of fish. Prefer not to eat smoked and raw fish in vacuum packaging. Raw fish in vacuum packaging is only possible when you are cooking or baking it. Raw fish is not allowed if it has been removed from the freezer.

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