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When hearts belong to a pregnancy

  1. Pregnancy requires healthy tension: is the baby okay? Hearing the heart beat for the first time is the most wonderful thing pregnant women experience. This can often be heard from the midwife for the first time. But when can you hear the heart beat?

Heart tones with the doptone

  1. The midwife can hear the heart tones by means of a Doptone or Doppler. A doptone has been used since the 1980s. Before that time, a wooden horn was often used. With a doptone it is possible to hear the baby's heart beating much earlier in pregnancy. A doptone emits sound waves that are reflected by the baby's heartbeat. In this way, the sound waves are converted into the beating of the heart. Sometimes a noise can be heard through the doptone: this is the movement of the baby.

Using ultrasound equipment

  1. Images can be viewed with an ultrasound machine. High-frequency sound waves are used. The sound waves are sent into the body and reflect off solid shapes such as bones. The reflected sound waves are received by the device and converted there into images. There is no known health hazard from either an ultrasound machine or the doptone.

Why do we want to hear the heart beat?

  1. A beating heart means life. Every pregnant woman would love to know if all is well with the baby. The fear of a miscarriage is increasing because of the stories that reach us via the internet, for example. Medical science is also on the move, making it increasingly clear which factors can influence a miscarriage. Hearing the baby's heart beating is therefore an important moment for many women.

When can you hear the heart beat?

  1. The baby's heart starts beating for the first time from six weeks of pregnancy. Which does not mean that the heart also beats at exactly six weeks. Sometimes the calculation of the gestational age is not correct and the heart beats earlier or later. Sometimes the fetus does not develop according to the standard and the heart beats one to a few days later. So there is no reason to panic if the heart is not beating at six weeks. At seven weeks, every baby's heart should be beating.

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