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When is disco deafness?

  1. Disco deafness after a night out is often seen as a temporary affair and fortunately it usually is. Hearing picks up again, sometimes the next day and sometimes a few days later. The annoying beep also disappears. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and unfortunately it is often not clear why the damage is not repaired. How harmful is that disco visit, and when does disco deafness cause permanent damage?

How loud is the music and what is the effect?

  1. When the human ear is exposed to a sound of around 115 dB for twenty minutes, temporary hearing loss occurs. The audiogram (hearing examination) shows a clear dip that slowly picks up again. After about four days, the audiogram will return to normal hearing. Unfortunately, this is not the case for everyone. For inexplicable reasons, a single exposure to prolonged loud noise can sometimes cause permanent hearing damage or a continuous ringing in the ear.

Hearing loss no longer only for the elderly

  1. Over the course of your life, your hearing will deteriorate slightly anyway, but the number of young people with premature hearing loss is increasing. In the Netherlands there are currently about half a million people (under the age of thirty) who suffer from permanent hearing damage. This is 15% of the young people. The cause of this is often to be found in disco visits, in motorcycling and in MP3 players or mobile phones on which music is listened to with headphones at too high a volume. Some phones give a warning when the music volume is in the danger zone. If you are sensible, listen to this too and in that case turn down the music.

Prevent or limit hearing damage

  1. Of course everyone just wants to be able to go out and have a social life. There is nothing wrong with that either. You could wear earplugs while going out to protect your hearing. Another option is to regularly walk outside or to the chillout area. Get out of the noise for a while. This will slightly limit the damage. In any case, stay as far away as possible from the speakers in the disco. Don't think it won't happen to you. The trend is clear, hearing damage at a young age is increasingly common. The percentage is constantly increasing. Most professional positions have a large social aspect. If you have permanent hearing damage, it means that you will not be able to practice those professions later. Hearing damage, for example, has major consequences for your future prospects.

Beep in the ears

  1. When a ringing in the ears can be heard after a visit to the disco, this is certainly a sign that hearing damage has occurred. This beep usually disappears the next morning. There is a chance that the beep will be permanently present over time. The ringing in the ears is called tinnitus and is caused by damaged cilia cells. The cilia cells that caused the beep will almost certainly die when the beep disappears. And dead cilia cells do not return. People who have to live day in and day out with annoying noises in the ear clearly indicate that this has an impact on their quality of life. Some even develop psychological complaints in the long run.

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