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Where is the best place to store fruit? And how long?

  1. Is it best to keep fruit such as bananas and apples in the refrigerator or on the fruit bowl? And approximately how long will it last? Enter the fruit of your choice in the online Storage Guide and find the answer immediately. You also get useful storage tips.

  1. Keep most fruit in the refrigerator Most fruits keep the longest in the refrigerator: such as apples and pears (2-4 weeks), peaches and nectarines (3-7 days), kiwi (1-3 weeks), grapes (7 days) and strawberries, currants, blackberries, blueberries, cranberries, raspberries, cherries and gooseberries (1-3 days). You can also keep it in the fruit bowl, but then it will have a shorter shelf life. Exotic fruits on the fruit bowl Most exotic fruits cannot withstand the cold and are best stored in the fruit bowl: such as banana (1 week), pineapple (3-7 days), mango (8 days), melon (1-7 days) and guava ( 2 days). Citrus fruits such as oranges Citrus fruit is also best kept in the fruit bowl: such as orange, mandarin, grapefruit, lemon and lime (1-2 weeks). In warm weather you can keep it in the fridge if necessary. Ethylene and maturation Bananas, apples, pears and peaches give off a gas (ethylene) as they ripen. And that also speeds up the ripening of other fruits. If you want to prevent this, keep them separately.

Which fruit in the fridge and on the fruit bowl?

  1. Which fruit will keep longer in the fridge and which fruit in the fruit bowl? View the overview:

Recipes with leftover fruit

  1. Leftover fruit is delicious to eat as it is, on bread or in yogurt. Other options are: Dessert: puree some fruit in the blender and mix it with quark or yogurt. Frozen Yogurt: Make some fruit and yogurt tasty, healthy ice creams. Pancake: Fill a whole grain pancake with pieces of overripe fruit. Fruit salad: add pieces of fruit to the salad, or make a fruit salad. In our recipe finder you will find many recipes with fruit. You can also enter one or more ingredients here. This way you can easily find a recipe to use your leftovers.

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