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Which ice cream can you choose if you want to eat fewer calories?

  1. Ice cream does not fall within the Wheel of Five, but an occasional ice cream is part of a healthy diet. There is a difference in which type you choose: one type contains more calories, sugar or fat than the other.

Ice Cream Choices in a Row

  1. Water ice. Day choice. A water ice cream contains about 40 calories (kcal). Sorbet ice cream: 1 scoop is daily choice. With 1 scoop of 50 grams you get about 40 kcal. 2 scoops is a weekly choice. Yogurt ice cream: 1 scoop is a daily choice and contains about 70 kcal. 2 spheres are part of a weekly choice. Ice cream and soft ice cream. 1 scoop is a weekly choice. Ice cream contains a relatively large amount of saturated fat and sugar. 1 scoop provides about 100 kcal. A daily choice is something small outside the Wheel of Five, of which you can choose something 3 to 5 times a day. Like an ice cream. A choice of week is larger. It is better not to take this more than 3 times a week. More explanation about daily choices and weekly choices. Young children have less room to choose something outside the Wheel of Five. View the pages for toddler and toddler and for children from 4 to 13 years old.

Tips to cut down on calories

  1. Choose water ice or sorbet ice cream Choose ice cream less often. If you still want a similar taste, choose frozen yogurt Choose 1 scoop instead of 2. If you opt for ice cream, choose a cup instead of a cone. The cone also contains calories. Make your own ice cream at home. Lemonade syrup ice creams are a fresh and inexpensive choice. And fun to make together with your child, for example. Do you want to vary in that? Then make a yogurt ice cream (as below, with red fruit) or an ice cream with only fruit. In our recipes you can search for desserts with ice cream. Turn on the filter 'dessert' and choose what you like.

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