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Which meat should be cooked through?

  1. For chicken and meat such as minced meat, hamburgers and sausage applies: heat it through and through before you eat it. This prevents a food infection. An exception: meat from 1 piece of cattle and pigs (tenderloin, steak, roast beef) can be eaten rosé. But also with this meat, well-done is the safest choice.

Glued meat or 'glued' meat

  1. Some steaks that are for sale in the store look like 1 piece, but can still be composed of different cuts of meat. Proteins or enzymes are then added which may be used as "paste". The label will then say: "composed from pieces of meat ". In this way can bacteria still end up on the inside of the meat. That is why it is best to cook this meat through.

  1. No raw meat for vulnerable groups Young children, the elderly, people with reduced immunity and pregnant women are advised not to eat raw meat, such as tartare and carpaccio. These are risky products. These vulnerable groups must always cook their meat thoroughly.

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