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White spots on nipple: causes and treatment of nipple spots

  1. The appearance of white spots on the nipples and the areola, the dark area around the nipple, can be caused by various causes. White spots on the nipples and areola are not a cause for concern in most cases. Often the cause is harmless. White spots on the nipple are often the result of a blocked milk duct clogged with milk when breastfeeding, or a normal response to hormonal fluctuations in the body. Both men and women can experience white spots on the nipple, although it is more common in women and especially during pregnancy.

Causes of white spots on the nipple

  1. Blocked milk duct A blocked duct is a common and painful problem in women who are breastfeeding their child. A blocked duct is caused by insufficient flow of milk in your breast. You may experience a tender or painful hard area in the chest and the skin may be red and warm to the touch. A blister can cause the white spot on your nipple

Consult your doctor

  1. White spots on your nipple are usually seen in breastfeeding women and will usually disappear when you latch your baby properly or take other measures regarding breastfeeding

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