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Win 4 x tea package

  1. You regularly read that tea is good for the heart and memory, against cancer and diabetes and to stay young. Not all of these messages have been sufficiently scientifically proven, but it is clear that tea is a tasty and healthy thirst quencher. Have a chance to win one of the four Summer Travelpacks from Tea Bar worth 20 euros.

  1. Tea provides your body with moisture and without sugar it provides no calories. That's because tea contains a negligible amount of carbohydrates, fat and proteins. In addition, some cool headlines are correct. For example, there are quite a few indications that tea lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease and it also has a beneficial effect on diabetes. The antioxidants from tea are probably responsible for this. Green tea contains a bit more antioxidants than black tea. Research also shows that tea leaves have a healthier lifestyle. They often exercise more, drink less alcohol, smoke less and are less likely to be overweight.


  1. No matter how healthy tea is, you probably drink it mainly because you like it. And that works out well. Because we can now give away a Tea Bar Summer Travelpack four times. This travel pack consists of five new delicious summer tea flavors in handy tins. This way you can take your tea with you everywhere. The five flavors are: Bounty Island: the absolute winner of the coming season. A subtle black tea with the fresh taste of coconut chips and a hint of chocolate. Marrakesh Mint: a green tea blend of sencha and gunpowder with spearmint; super fresh and delicious for after dinner. Aloe Aloha: Imagine yourself in Hawaii with this fruity summer herbal blend with pineapple and aloe vera. Bella Vita: Celebrate the good life with a delicious spicy blend of flowers. Lavender, apple pieces and rose petals provide an instant holiday feeling. Pink Fizz: An absolute party in your tea cup is this slightly sweet summer fruit cocktail consisting of pieces of kiwi, cherries and coconut. Moreover, very tasty to drink as iced tea

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