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Yellow tongue: Causes and symptoms of yellowish tongue color

  1. A tongue normally has a light pink color. When this has a yellow appearance, it seems very alarming. Usually a yellow tongue is only a temporary symptom caused by oral care products or antibiotics, but in some circumstances it is a sign of an underlying medical problem. A yellowish tongue color is sometimes accompanied by other complaints, such as a dry mouth or bad breath. It is always important to find out the cause of the yellow tongue. Timely medical treatment for the underlying problem of the yellow tongue prevents complications.

Epidemiology tongue with yellow color

  1. A tongue with a yellow appearance occurs at any age. Pregnant women are more likely to have a yellow tongue due to hormonal changes

Environmental factors and yellowish appearance of the tongue

  1. The overuse of antibiotics may cause a yellowish tongue color / Source: Stevepb, Pixabay Use of antibiotics

Treatment of yellow tongue color

  1. Using a tongue scraper is helpful / Source: Niro5, Wikimedia Commons (Public domain) Self-care

Forecast yellowish tongue coating

  1. The prognosis of a yellow tongue depends on the cause. In environmental conditions, the yellowish tongue color usually disappears after the trigger factor has disappeared. A yellow tongue may be permanently present in some conditions.

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