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Your baby's development; 5 weeks pregnant

  1. No matter how small the fetus in the belly of a pregnant woman is, it starts to take shape in week 5. Many pregnant women know that they are actually pregnant by week 5, because a pregnancy test can be done. Sometimes even the first symptoms are already noticeable. Read all about the fifth week of pregnancy in this article.


  1. The fruit in the belly of a pregnant woman is still very small, and can just be seen with the naked eye. It is about 1.5 millimeters in size (something like half a grain of rice). Yet there is already a real person in this fruit


  1. Some women are already noticing their pregnancy. This is due to the increase in the pregnancy hormone HCG. HCG is detectable in the urine of a pregnant woman; therefore, it is possible for many women to have a pregnancy test at week 5. The HCG hormone

Great news!

  1. Some pregnant women cannot wait to tell their friends and family about the pregnancy. However, this is not very useful in the early stages of pregnancy. It sometimes happens that a pregnancy in week 5 or 6 ends 'just like that'. There are several reasons for this; but usually a fruit is not good at all. And that it could not have survived

You and the fifth week

  1. When you are pregnant with your first child, you may be tossed back and forth between all kinds of emotions; from joy to sorrow and from fear to bliss. Women who are pregnant for a second or subsequent time already know a little about what to expect, and therefore often have to 'switch' less in their feelings. Almost all pregnant women experience at some point (often at the beginning) the fear of losing the unborn fetus or child. This fear can be very great when someone has had to wait a long time to become pregnant, or when someone has already had a miscarriage. Remember that as a pregnant woman you can have little influence on the health of the fruit; at most you can live a healthy life yourself. Don't let fear lead you; but try to get used to 'being pregnant'.

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