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Heart warming winter stove
8 ServingsPTM360 min

Heart warming winter stove

Stew with beef ribs, mixed mushrooms and celery.



  1. Preheat the oven to 180 ºC.
  2. Heat an oven-proof frying pan over a high heat. Put a dash of olive oil in the pan and add the meat.
  3. Fry the meat over low heat for about 25 minutes, or until the meat juices begin to caramelize. Scoop occasionally.
  4. Chop the onion and cut the celery into pieces.
  5. Stir the onion and celery through the meat and cook for about 10 minutes, or until the vegetables have softened.
  6. Pour the balsamic vinegar, beer and stock in the pan. Bring to the boil, turn down the heat and cover with a circle of baking paper.
  7. Put the frying pan in the oven for about 2.5 hours, or until the meat is tender and tender and the sauce thickened.
  8. Meanwhile, heat 2 saucepans over medium heat. Let a knob of butter melt in each pan.
  9. Clean the mushrooms with kitchen paper and halve.
  10. Put the shallots and rosemary in one pan; the mushrooms and the thyme in the other. Add a pinch of pepper and salt to each pan.
  11. Cover the shallots with a circle of baking paper. Put a lid on both pans and turn the heat down under both pans.
  12. Fry the shallots for 30 minutes, or until they are soft and golden brown. Change after 15 minutes.
  13. Fry the mushrooms for 10 minutes or until they have given all their moisture. Remove the lid from the pan and fry the mushrooms for 5 minutes until golden brown.
  14. Remove the oven from the oven and stir in the shallots and mushrooms. Put the casserole on the fire until the shallots and mushrooms are warm.


Sodium19% DV455mg
Fat26% DV17g
Protein52% DV26g
Carbs2% DV5g
Fiber4% DV1g

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