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Spelled bread: healthier than # 039, just # 039; bread?

  1. More and more people decide to drastically reduce the amount of carbohydrates in their diet. But no bread at all is sometimes impractical. So what then? Spelled bread seems like a good alternative. But is that really so? Is spelled bread healthier than 'normal' bread?

  1. Many a person has discovered spelled bread as an alternative to wheat bread. Rediscovered actually, because bread was baked much earlier from spelled than from wheat. Archaeological research shows that humans grew this relative of the wheat at least 9,000 years ago.

Alleged benefits

  1. Anyone who googles spelled for a moment, gets the impression that we should all immediately start consuming this miracle product in large quantities. The jubilee stories tumble over each other. Spelled is said to cure all kinds of diseases, be a superfood that is bursting with vitamins and other valuable nutritional components and, according to some, also with far fewer calories than wheat. None of this is true, especially the latter.

Slow carbohydrates

  1. Telling slightly more nuanced stories that spelled is better for the diet than wheat because it contains more slow carbohydrates. It is a great pity, but that is also not in line with the truth. Spelled contains almost exclusively slow carbohydrates (carbohydrates that are gradually absorbed by our body, in contrast to sugars such as sucrose, glucose and fructose, which go almost directly to the bloodstream), but exactly the same applies to wheat. So there is no advantage there either.

Actual benefits

  1. Is there nothing left of the story that it is better to eat spelled bread than wheat bread? And what about whole wheat bread? Isn't that healthier than spelled bread anyway? Or is the jubilation about spelled bread actually nothing more than just another example of conspiracy thinking on the internet? No, not that either. Spelled does have some distinct advantages over wheat, although strangely enough you hardly read anything about those actual pluses on the Internet. First of all, to disprove the claim that wholemeal wheat bread is better than spelled bread: that is certainly not necessarily true. Spelled bread, like wheat bread, can be baked from flour or whole wheat flour. In the first case, valuable nutrients have been purified from the flour in both types of grain to obtain an even and white colored crumb. So from a nutritional point of view it is best to eat the wholemeal variety of both types of bread.

The braking advantage of wheat

  1. The biggest advantage of spelled, however, lies in the 'braking advantage' of wheat. Wheat is by far the most popular cereal in Western Europe, and that certainly applies to the Netherlands. Thus, over time, more and more research has been done on wheat varieties that have benefited farmers. You should especially think of more yield. The more kilos of crop per square meter and per month, the better off the farmer. And so the breeders have been working to develop wheat that grows faster and produces more and larger grains per ear of corn. That turned out very well. But that development has a drawback. Research from Wageningen University shows that the varieties of wheat currently grown in the Netherlands contain considerably less nutrients than the older and less profitable varieties. In particular, the amount of proteins in this 'race wheat' lags very far behind. In all this, the amount of calories has remained unchanged. So with modern wheat bread you get considerably less nutrients per calorie than you were roughly fifty years ago. And that also applies to the wholemeal variety.

That spells better

  1. That is the real reason why you can eat better spelled bread than wheat bread: spelled is less popular and has therefore escaped the attention of the breeders for the time being. But there is another good reason: spelled bread is also hardly interesting for the food giants. It is therefore almost exclusively baked by good bakers, who not only usually mix less bread improvers and other unwelcome additives through their bread dough, but also bring their traditional craftsmanship with them. Spelled bread is simply tastier. And that is a nice bonus for the health benefit.

  2. This is the real reason why you can eat better spelled bread than wheat bread: spelled is less popular and has therefore escaped the attention of the breeders for the time being. But there is another good reason: spelled bread is also for the diet gi

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