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Pasta e ceci
4 ServingsPTM70 min

Pasta e ceci

A tasty Italian recipe. The main course contains the following ingredients: onion (finely chopped), celery (chopped), garlic (finely chopped), olive oil, rosemary (only the finely chopped), chickpeas (a 400 g), chicken broth (from tablet), ditalini or pasta per zuppa (pack 250 g), sea salt (and black pepper from the mill), extra virgin olive oil, fresh basil (or fresh parsley and only the leaves in pieces torn a small one).



  1. Put the onion, celery and garlic in a pan with a little olive oil and the rosemary and fry them for 15 to 20 minutes with the lid on the pan as low as possible until all the vegetables are soft, but not yet discolored. Drain the chickpeas, rinse them with cold water, put them in the pan and pour in the stock. Let them cook over medium heat for half an hour and scoop half of the chickpea mixture out of the pan into a bowl with a skimmer.
  2. Puree the soup in the pan using a hand blender. If you do not have one, you can also place it in a food processor instead and then pour the soup back into the pan. Put the chickpeas kept separate and the pasta to the soup, add pepper and salt and let it simmer until the chickpeas are soft and the pasta is cooked. If the soup turns out to be too thick, you can pour a little boiling water to dilute it, but then there must also be some extra pepper and salt. Serve the soup with a dash of extra virgin olive oil of good quality. Delicious with a few fresh, torn leaves of basil or parsley. A real treat.


Sodium3% DV75mg
Fat31% DV20g
Protein24% DV12g
Carbs15% DV44g
Fiber36% DV9g

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