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Abrasions and road grime - a dangerous combination

  1. Abrasions have the image of being innocent. These wounds hurt for a while, a robbery comes on and the healing goes quickly. Yet practice often proves otherwise. This certainly applies to people with bad blood vessels (legs) and diabetics, but also to very healthy people. And children get scrapes all the time. Still, you should be careful if it happens on the street, especially in adults who have not had a tetanus vaccination in the past five years. Even 'harmless' scrapes should be rinsed out with water, disinfected and in some cases bandaged to prevent nasty infections. In principle, if a wound is contaminated with street dirt, it is better for the doctor to take a look at it to prevent worse.


  1. The abrasion - painful, bloody, superficial Symptoms An abrasion usually heals quickly Superficial wound Complications Treatment of an abrasion What to do Tetanus and vaccination

The abrasion - painful, bloody, superficial

  1. The concept of wound as a result of external, mechanical violence arises by definition suddenly and is what is called a fresh tissue defect. In other words, it is an abrupt, violent disruption of the natural cohesion of the fabric. There are different types of external and internal wounds

An abrasion usually heals quickly

  1. Abrasions are common in everyday life, especially in sports. Anyone who has ever seen cyclists crash on the road, or been victims of it, knows how deep scrapes can be. However, most abrasions are superficial, affecting only the top part of the skin

Superficial wound

  1. In popular parlance, only the deeper abrasions need proper care. However, that is a misconception. Superficial scrapes should also always be cleaned to prevent inflammation, especially after a fall in the street or after accidents at work with tools and rusty material, for example. Practice shows that this is sometimes viewed as trivializing. That can be dangerous

Treatment of an abrasion

  1. In principle, a deep abrasion (visible subcutaneous connective tissue) is sufficient reason to take it to the doctor. The wound may need to be stitched or otherwise given special care. This also applies if the wound is contaminated with road rubbish

Tetanus and vaccination

  1. Tetanus is a serious infection. The pathogen is the clostridium tetani, a bacillus capable of spore formation. The infection

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