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Almond oil: healthy and versatile

  1. Almond oil is made from the almonds that grow on the almond tree or Prunus Dulcis. The almond is nowadays grown in different places. The nut is immensely popular and very versatile. Enough reason to move the tree, which once only grew in Central Asia, to the west. But how healthy and versatile is almond oil really?

Almond tree, the origin

  1. The almond tree once only grew in Central Asia (especially the western area), but now we find the almond tree, officially Prunus Dulcis, in the Mediterranean. Especially in Italy, southern France and the northern countries of Africa. After all, you can also find the almond tree in the United States, California to be precise. The almond tree thrives in the dry soil around wine and olive areas.


  1. Almond oil is widely available and inexpensive. In any case, every health food store has almond oil on the shelves. If you take a large bottle with 500 ml, you will lose about 12 to 20 euros. The amount also depends a bit on the brand. Usually almond oil is also available in smaller bottles of 100 ml or 200 ml.

Almond oil for internal and external use

  1. Internal Almond oil can be a delicious cold oil to flavor a green salad, with or without goat cheese and nuts, or potato salad. But also a plate with lightly grilled zucchini slices or cucumber slices can be seasoned a little more with a little almond oil drizzled over it.


  1. Almond oil has the advantage that it is almost odorless, which means that it can be added to all kinds of products. We find almond oil in several cosmetic products and it is also an excellent oil to be used as a massage oil. Among other things, it stimulates the blood circulation in the skin and it is also extremely good for young children as baby oil. If you have a mild burn, almond oil can even soothe the pain and the same is true if you have muscle pain.


  1. Almond oil is a great product to always have at home. If it is not for the kitchen, then certainly for the bathroom. It is a widely available product and it is certainly not expensive.

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